Monday, 4 February 2013


It's Monday and once again I'm beat!  Not just sleepy, but my legs feel like jello and my whole body is tired.  Kind of like when you have the flu and it's tiring just to walk to the bathroom. 

They say to take it easy and not push yourself or "overdo it".  Well that's exactly what happens on hockey weekends, however, I just can't help it.  I LOVE watching my boys play!  I realized that adrenaline actually keeps me going.  On Saturday I was at a tournament with Connor out of town.  Cole had a game in town, so I booked it back to town to watch Cole's game and then left right away to drive Connor back to his game which was about 35 minutes away.  When the day was finally over, it was a 14 hour day of hockey.  As soon as Connor's last game of hockey was done and I sat in the van I was bagged!  Then I got up on Sunday and did it again, knowing that I would pay the price today. 

So this isn't a pity blog, but one to just be real. To let you know how much different a weekend is.  How much more work it can be. I know I overdo it.  But the weekends are just that, the weekend and Monday is my day of rest.  I know this next weekend will be rough, because it's an away tournament and last time it took me a whole week to recover.  I think half the battle this time is knowing what to expect and being prepared for it. 

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