Monday, 17 March 2014

Celebrate and Savour

I turned 33 yesterday. Not a huge milestone or anything but still. It made me question what do actually do when we "celebrate"?  Are we celebrating in certain ways?  Do we have traditions or something different that we do?  Why do we grow up and say that you're too old for a birthday party? Are we?  If it's a day to celebrate we should do just that. Celebrate. However that may be.

Oh but wait....every day is a gift and we should live like that's so. But do we?  I read a devotion last night and the lady in there had went to someone's house. This elderly lady never did two things at the same time. She wouldn't sit outside and enjoy the sun and conversation and have her tea and chocolate at the same time. Because she didn't want to overcrowd one experience with another. Maybe that's a bit extreme but the idea is good. How often do I overcrowd my day trying to multitask everything all the while not really be able to enjoy any of it? 

I want to celebrate and savour each day that I have. Take the time to enjoy the good moments even if the day has only one. What are the chances I'll miss out on it if I overcrowd it with everything else?  Probably pretty good. And how often in the process do I miss out on the good things God is telling me because I've overcrowded my day?  

I know this isn't directly talking about my MS but in a round about way it is. There are many days when it doesn't feel like it's a celebrating kind of day. But I shouldn't need an excuse like a birthday. I should be looking for the good and relishing those moments in the midst of the bad. Not always an easy task but I think I need I slow down. Maybe now more so than before. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Basic life

I think I'm just going to start blogging about my life in general.  Letting you know what happened but still touching on how my ms is or isn't affecting me. The emotional toil it has on me that day. Etc. 

Like today. I got a call at midnight to go to a friends house because her water had broke. I was there until 6am and then fell asleep for a short bit. Got the kids up for school and went back to bed at 12:30. I forgot I had to meet someone at 2:30 so when I received the phone call that I wasn't there, I got up to go. Then off to the rink for the rest of evening. 

How will that affect me tomorrow?  Probably not great but we will see. I put in a full day on Saturday. Was dead tired Sunday but kept going and then Monday I didn't get out of bed until 1:30pm. I barely got up Tuesday too. 

So I know my household is suffering with me sleeping in the afternoon and struggling to get up but my evenings are very busy at the rink. Come the end of March things should return to normal but I'm running out of steam and my personal life can feel it.  I thank my kids for not complaining too much and because it feels like I hardly see them lately but they've been very patient. I really am blessed. I promise I'll be a better mom next month :).