Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It's Been A Year

As I look back to beginning of my blog it's easy to see how far I have come.  This past weekend marked a year of being officially diagnosed with MS.  I'm thankful I was busy that day.  Thankful I didn't have time to think about it.  It's still in many ways a haunting day, a day you never forget.  You never forget that feeling of hearing those words, of having your life change.  In many ways it's like the day your first child was born, or your wedding day.  They are milestones and you never really forget how you felt in that moment.  The only thing is that it's not a happy joyous memory.  It's a memory that as of right now still brings pain and sadness.  I'm not sure that will ever change, but then again there are many things that if you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have thought they could change either.  But they have.

I've learned my limits.  I sometimes push too hard.  I sometimes can do more than I think I can.  My kids have started to adjust.  I've stopped feeling sorry for myself....most of the time.  And I see just how far I have come.  My life is different, others may forget, but I have hope and I will not let myself forget how far I come in this journey.