Friday, 2 November 2012

Small Accomplishments

So I'm feeling a bit better after the steroids.  Not nearly as dizzy and the upper body numbness is almost gone, however my hands feel the same.  But......I did up my boys goalie pads today and tied his skates!! My hands felt like they were on fire after but I did it!!! I have noticed that there is more strength in them but with that comes aching and they feel really hot after I do something.  It's still a lot of work accomplishing such small things, but it felt good to do it. 

Come Sunday I am on my own as my parents are heading back home.  I have only been on my own for about a week in the last two months but I need to find out for myself how well I can do on my own.  If it gets to be too much I do have my mother in law who is willing to come out, but I need to just see how I do on my own for a bit.

I also am working the canteen tonight so that will be another test, but I'm looking forward to it.  I slept until almost 1:00 today because I was so tired, but obviously I needed it and I knew I would be out late tonight, and so far I still feel pretty good. 

So that's it for now.  Thanks for all the support!


  1. Sharleen Thiessen2 November 2012 at 21:26

    It was great to chat with you at the rink today. You looked really good and cheery, although I recognize that inside you may not have felt as great. Glad you've been able to have so much help and company!

  2. Glad to be able to help. Now to give you some space, Charis. Will keep praying for you.