Monday, 26 November 2012

Our System

I finally found out that I can receive coverage, or at least 80% coverage, for my meds.  What is so frustrating is how hard it was to figure out.  The hours on the phone, the number of times I had to call back to the same place, yet talk to someone different to finally get the correct information.  I couldn't access the right information on the internet, our benefits company couldn't access the right information from Pharmacare.  I finally phoned for the second time to find out that they could possibly cover it under some Part 3.  Why can no one access that info?  Especially our Insurance Provider!??

I have been on EI for 7 weeks and still not been paid!  Thank goodness I'm not a single mom who needs the paycheck...Now!  I can't receive any help from EI in the fact of retraining for a job because I am on sick benefits and the goal is to get better.  Well news flash you don't get better from MS.  So I need to get laid off and then I would need to guarantee that I could work permanent full time...which is impossible to do.  So there is no help there either. 

I am thankful for our "free" healthcare but some parts of our system desperatly need help. When you really need something how come it is so hard to get?  And why so expensive!?  $20000-$40000 a year!!!  Even at 80% that's still a ton out of pocket..

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