Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Basic life

I think I'm just going to start blogging about my life in general.  Letting you know what happened but still touching on how my ms is or isn't affecting me. The emotional toil it has on me that day. Etc. 

Like today. I got a call at midnight to go to a friends house because her water had broke. I was there until 6am and then fell asleep for a short bit. Got the kids up for school and went back to bed at 12:30. I forgot I had to meet someone at 2:30 so when I received the phone call that I wasn't there, I got up to go. Then off to the rink for the rest of evening. 

How will that affect me tomorrow?  Probably not great but we will see. I put in a full day on Saturday. Was dead tired Sunday but kept going and then Monday I didn't get out of bed until 1:30pm. I barely got up Tuesday too. 

So I know my household is suffering with me sleeping in the afternoon and struggling to get up but my evenings are very busy at the rink. Come the end of March things should return to normal but I'm running out of steam and my personal life can feel it.  I thank my kids for not complaining too much and because it feels like I hardly see them lately but they've been very patient. I really am blessed. I promise I'll be a better mom next month :). 

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  1. Yes, Charis, you definitely took on WAY too much this year. I'm glad that is coming to and end soon. I do hope you are very careful how much you commit to in the future so life won't be so stressful. But you have been a good mother to your children and I can see how close they all are to you. Love Mom