Thursday, 6 June 2013

Who Wants To Have Coffee?

Yesterday I was at Cole's track meet.  It was almost a perfect day out!  I sat in the bleachers and watched.  Nothing too over exurting.  I didn't even have to drive.  I came home, made some simple supper, took my son to his new schools open house and then went out and transplanted some plants for my garden.  Then I came in and was sooo tired.  My legs ached my arms ached.  And it's something like hitting a brick wall.  I didn't think I was that tired til it hit. 

I'm not sure I'll ever completely get used to it.  Maybe I'll start to expect it, but in my eyes it was a pretty easy going day.  I was up at 6:30 though and was on the go the whole day but still.

This was the 3rd track day in 2 weeks and there are more events for the kids, just because it's June.  I am fortunate enough to be able to go to all of these things now that I haven't been working.  There are many days though that I still have a hard time with that concept.  I like the thought of being home but I like the thought of working too and it's hard to grasp my head around not having a choice.  Maybe it would be different if there were more stay at home moms.  But most people work or stay at home but have little kids.  Which is okay too but I kind of feel on the outside having kids in school and staying home. Boy I miss the hockey season already.... because it was my social life.  Now I have to work a lot harder at having one.  People aren't as readily available to help me fill my time:) 

Soooo if you're bored call me!  LOL  I will do coffee almost anytime! 

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  1. I am almost always available and would love to visit. I do not drink coffee but I love cold water. What day works for you?