Monday, 17 December 2012

Which seed are you?

God may bend me, but I won't break.  That sums up a song I was listening to this morning.  Life is so crazy right now, so busy and I think sometimes...why do we do it?  Why do we let it be so busy?  There are times when I feel like I don't live up to the worlds expectations as a Christian.  Did I spend enough time with God?  How come we haven't been to church?  I have come to realize that it's not about how much or when I spent time with God.  Yes this helps us stay strong in our walk with him, but He isn't keeping a chart.  There isn't a certain quota we need to make.  Our job is to let Christ be shown through everything we do. 

This time of year is especially busy for us because of hockey, but I realized that there are so many opportunities that I have missed to be an example.  It's easy to get worked up during a game, get caught up in all of the gossip, to jump on a band wagon of one person or another.  I could write a book about everything I hear at that rink.  Most of the time I don't get involved, but there are times when I get caught up in it just as much as everyone else does.  What bothers me most is that most of the parents attitudes start rubbing off on their kids, including mine.  "Oh we lost cause the refs suck." That may very well be the case but our attitude is not helping or changing anything.  The only thing it does is harbour a bitter seed that grows and grows and finally it sprouts.  Once a seed sprouts everyone can see it.  I saw this weekend two things in my kids that upon reflection I wasn't so proud of.  One was a small altercation, but with a teammate. And my son was the one trying to tell him what to do.  Okay so not the worst thing, but then my next son tells me a story...

"You know that boys with the long hair that looks like a girl?  We called him the woMAN.  He checked me and told me to "suck it".  So I told him he better watch out woMAN.  He two handed slashed me and got a penalty."

My first reaction was pride.  Glad he stood up to this kid who was trying to cause trouble from the start, the kid who refused to shake hands with our team afterwards.  Glad that my son had drawn a penalty.

We all have this sense of entitlement.  That we are entitled to our opinion, entitled to what's right and fair. Do we trust God?  Do we trust that He will work things out?  That He knows better than us?  Our opinions when expressed to everyone else usually ends up in complaining and complaining usually means we're gossiping.  And gossip is that seed, that seed that eventually sprouts.  And it's never a pretty flower.  It's more like a dandelion, where those that don't know any better think it's a pretty flower, but those of us that do, know it's an ugly weed, which spreads like wildfire.  Which seed are you?  One that is a flower or one that's a weed?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart Charis. I love to read your inspiring words. You are a great teacher of so many things. Thanks for the reminder.
    Take care