Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Thinking about last year.  What was it like?  Very different.  This time last year, I was in the middle of a relapse, unable to write, clean, cook (properly).  I don't really remember how I got through making Christmas dinner, but I did.  We were struggling.  With a recent diagnosis, adjusting to one income, (as I wasn't receiving medical leave), paying for meds, and just overall life.  It was hard on everyone.  Our friends and family showed their outpouring support through many ways.  We were in a valley.  A valley where the mountain seemed almost unsurmountable.  I obviously found this extremely difficult but so did everyone else around me.  And that's what I forget sometimes.  How does my MS affect those around me?  Especially the ones close to me.

Do they forget? Maybe at times but not completely.  I see it in my dad especially.  We don't see each other often since he lives in Thompson but it's the goodbyes.  There is always a moment where he wants to find an answer.  To have a reason as to why this is.  As a mom I can't really imagine what it's like to be in my parents position.  What if it was my kid?  What if they got sick?  Maybe I can imagine, but it's not a very comforting thought.

Which brings me to Christmas.  How you ask?  Well Christmas is a time to be thankful and to remember what Christ did for me.  How did his mom, Mary, feel watching him be hung from a cross.  Yes Christmas is about Jesus' birth but without his birth we wouldn't have the salvation we can have if we choose.  I have comfort through Jesus and I hope that during this season you can take time to reflect and see the freedom and peace you can have through Jesus too.  And remember the reason for the season.

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