Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tired ...Tired of it All

I'm tired. Tired of being tired.  Tired of trying.  Tired of feeling guilty.  Tired of being alone.  Tired of trying to figure things out.  Tired of being excited about a good day.  Tired of trying to be happy all the time.  Tired of thinking about the future and how it can only get worse and not better.  Tired of holding out on hope.  Tired of putting in so much effort for so little accomplishment.  Tired of saying..."I'm tired!"  

1 comment:

  1.'s ok - just allow yourself to rest more. It's a woman thing - this feeling of guilt and frustration that we can't take care of everybody, hold down a job, entertain people, etc. etc. You are loved and many people are praying for you. What has God got in mind for you..who knows? I'm sure it's something amazing though....just have to get through the rough stuff first?? Love, Dorothy