Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Another Valley

I haven't written in over 2 months. I'm not much of a writer. The last while has been up and down. I had a small relapse in November and went on steroids immediately. I also stopped taking Rebif as it was not working.  Once I stopped it was amazing how much better I felt! The medicine drags you down Sooo much. In that time I had to decide on a new drug. I chose Gylenia. It's an oral med (both choices were) and helps reduce relapses by 64% in comparison to 30% of Those taken by injection.  It's complicated to get on but once you do there's little to none day to day side effects. It does have secondary problems but if you are healthy these shouldn't pose a problem.

Right now I'm completing all of the tests to go on it. I have relapsed again and the numbness drives me slightly crazy :). I am still functional though but I can feel it in the fingertips again which is my concern. I don't want to lose my strength in my hands again. That started in November which is why I went on steroids ASAP. I can't function if I can't use them properly. I'm going to wait and see as I was just on steroids in November and don't want to go back on them if I don't have to. The feeling still hadn't come back completely from my last issues so I guess that is always the bigger concern. How much will I regain?  Hard to say but I'm very anxious to start the new medication. This is kind of the final option for meds to work so I'm praying they do but we won't know for another year.  I suppose I could try the other oral med but the side effects sound nasty.

Anyways. That's the gist of it. Just one more valley and another mountain to climb.


  1. Suzanne & I are really praying that this drug will be a good fit and give you energy and relief from symptoms. Love you sis!

  2. Thinking and praying for you today Charis. Tough Journey!