Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Maybe one day

I think I need to live in Northern New Zealand. Where the average temperature is around 20 degrees. I think the coldest is 7 degrees and the hottest is 29. Lol. It's tough to be outside. I don't hang out in the heat. It's hard to work in the heat. I need air conditioning and coolness!!  It zaps me. Just like that. Almost with a snap of the fingers the life drains out of me. If I go in a hot tub or have a hot pack on everything goes numb. And not just slightly but entirely!  Thank goodness the feeling comes back!  I hesitate to say bring on winter because other than hockey I hate being frozen too. Too bad it can't be fall all the time. But honestly I'm sick of summer already. The only good thing is I don't have to bundle up. I could handle an ocean though. Where the breeze blows and I can just relax. I've never gone but maybe one day. :).  Maybe one day I'll live in New Zealand. Maybe one day there will be a cure and I can stop dreaming about it.

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